Fellowship Concerning The Next Generation

The New Zealand Training Centre will host a one-day fellowship on Saturday 18 November 2023 where we will fellowship concerning the work with the next generation in New Zealand.

This fellowship will be crucial for parents, full-timers, and all those who are burdened for and serve with the children, intermediate-age, high school-age or tertiary-age saints. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to all be blended and brought into the same vision and burden concerning this area of service.

The schedule of this one-day fellowship will be as follows:

This fellowship will take place at the New Zealand Training Centre, 33 Beale St, Hamilton. Hospitality can be provided both Friday night 17 November, and/or Saturday night 18 November. Any requests for hospitality can be made at time of registration.

The cost to attend this fellowship will be $25 per person (which includes the above meals).

Payment for this event can be made at the time of registration (credit card fee applies) or by depositing funds into the following bank account at a later date:

New Zealand Training Centre
03 1556 0024723 02
Please use “NGF” and your name as the references.

Registration is via the form below and is due Wednesday 8 November.

For your information, the New Zealand Training Centre will also host the Jubilee Week in Hamilton immediately after this event (beginning Lord’s Day 19 November). The Jubilee Week is a time for many tertiary-aged young people to come together to attend the full-time training for one week. If applicable, you may like to consider attending both events which will take place back to back. If you are attending Jubilee Week, there will be no cost to attend this one-day fellowship. Information about the Jubilee Week is available on our website www.nztc.ac.nz/jubilee.

We look forward to the Lord’s shepherding and rich supply as we gather together and anticipate His blessing and advance among us in all our service.

Any questions can be directed to register@nztc.ac.nz

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