Jubilee Week 2023

We are pleased to announce that registrations are now open and we warmly invite tertiary-aged students and young people to attend the Jubilee week. The Jubilee week is a precious opportunity to have a taste of the Full-Time Training. During this week, you will join the trainees’ regular schedule of classes and activities as well as having special activities and meetings. If you are a seeking Christian and desire to be trained by the Lord, the Jubilee week will be very profitable for you. For many young people, the Jubilee week has been the most outstanding event in their lives.

Young people who attended the Jubilee previously have made the following comments:

“I felt like I really experienced what it was like to rest in the Lord; everything was taken care of, I didn’t have to worry about anything … all I had to do was just enjoy. ”

 “It helped me to be recovered back to Christ from the world and fully enjoy Him”

 “Refreshed my inner being and recalibrated me in many ways. This year had subconsciously weighed me down in all sorts of bondages. But the Jubilee week reminded me that I have
the reality of the Jubilee in me!”


Information about the Jubilee Week

Dates & Times

Jubilee week will begin with dinner on Lord’s Day 19 Nov at 6:00 P.M. and conclude after breakfast on Saturday 25 Nov at 8:00 A.M.


New Zealand Training Centre, 33 Beale St, Hamilton, New Zealand


$210 per person. Payment is required at time of registration via a credit card.


  • All those attending Jubilee must stay in the accommodation provided by the Training Centre. This is so you will enjoy the full benefits of the Jubilee Week.
  • Accommodation can also be provided one or two nights before Jubilee (Friday 17 or Saturday 18 November) and one night after Jubilee (Saturday 25 November).
  • The New Zealand Training Centre has limited bedding. Please bring your own pillow and sleeping bag/duvet. We can provide bedding for those travelling from overseas.

What to bring

  • Recovery Version Bible
  • Hymnal
  • Pens and highlighters
  • Personal toiletries
  • Ear plugs (optional)
  • Clothing, as per requirements on next page
  • Pillow, bed sheet, and sleeping bag or duvet (overseas exempt)

Clothing Standards

As the Jubilee Week is a foretaste of the Full-Time Training in Hamilton, and because you will be joining the trainees in their daily schedule, we require all those who attend the Jubilee Week to be dressed according to the standards of the Full-time Training. Please read carefully below so you are familiar of these standards before you  decide to register for the Jubilee Week.


Classes, evening meetings, meals and study periods:


  • Shirt: white in colour, with a moderate collar, with long sleeves and must not be sheer. Brothers need to wear a pure white singlet/t-shirt underneath the shirt; no logo, pictures or words on the singlet/t-shirt.
  • Trousers: black or dark colour, dress style
  • Shoes: black, conservative style, must be kept polished, no sports shoes.
  • Socks: black or navy blue
  • Tie: modest in size and colour; it should be neatly tied and not wrinkled or spotted
  • Belt: black without fancy buckles.

Upon arriving, you will be given a name badge. This should be worn at all times for all the above training activities.


  • Coloured dress shirt. Can be a polo shirt and can be short sleeved. No tie needed
  • Dress pants, or trousers as listed above
  • Casual shoes or shoes as listed above


Please bring clothes/shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty

  • Shorts that reach the knees (outdoor service), or long pants (indoor service)
  • T-shirt or polo shirt (no singlets)
  • Covered shoes, sport shoes or work boots

Your overall appearance should be modest, pleasant and tidy

  • No denim fabric (e.g. jeans) at all times in all activities in the Training Centre.
  • Hair should be kept clean, tidy and well combed
  • A brother’s face should be kept clean and shaven.
  • No pyjamas should be worn outside of dormitory areas.
Classes, evening meetings, meals and study periods:


  • Blouse: White in colour, with sleeves, with a collar, conservative in style and neckline, and must not be sheer. Sisters need to wear a pure white or skin colour singlet/camisole underneath the blouse; no logo, pictures or words on the singlet/camisole.
  • Skirt: 5 cm below the knees (e.g. to be able to cover the knees when sitting down; this applies to splits in the skirt.), black or dark colour, plain fabric,
  • Shoes: dress shoes only, black or dark colour, conservative style, no boots or sport style, no exposing toes/heel, the heels should be no more than 2.5 cm high; shoes must be kept polished.
  • Socks: black or skin colour stockings or socks only, without patterns or monograms.

Upon arriving, you will be given a name badge. This should be worn at all times for all the above training activities.


  • Coloured blouse/top
  • Dress or skirt (in accordance to the length listed above)
  • Casual shoes or shoes as listed above


Please bring clothes/shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty

  • Pants that reach below the knees
  • T-shirt or polo shirt (no singlets)
  • Covered shoes or sport shoes

Your overall appearance should be modest, pleasant and tidy

  • No denim fabric (e.g. jeans) at all times in all activities in the Training Centre.
  • All clothing should not be too tight, exposing the body shape.
  • No ornaments are allowed in the hair except a simple hair band, clips, or hair tie in brown or black colour.
  • A sister’s face should be clean and without makeup.


  • All attendees from the same locality should endeavour to arrive and depart in groups to reduce efforts in transportation arrangements.
  • Transport will be provided before and after Jubilee at the times and locations mentioned below. Any transportation outside of these times and locations will need to be self-arranged (see alternative transport options).

Alternative transport options to/from Auckland Airport

Minibus Express             www.minibus.co.nz                approx. $80
Intercity Buses              www.intercity.co.nz                approx. $20


The daily schedule of the Jubilee is quite packed and consists of a 5:45a.m. wake up, scheduled classes and activities all day and 10 p.m. lights out each day. Jubilee requires your participation in all scheduled classes and activities each day for the whole week. Below is a typical daily schedule during the Jubilee Week.


In order to enjoy the benefits of the Jubilee week, we ask that you please read the following conditions. There will be a need to accept these conditions at time of registration.

  • I agree to give myself fully to the schedule of the Jubilee. I agree to attend and participate in all training classes,
    schedules and activities.
  • I agree to limit my mobile phone use during Jubilee. I agree not to use my mobile phone during classes, evening meetings, study times and after lights out.
  • I understand that accommodation at the Training Centre is corporate living with others in accommodation blocks.
  • I understand that I may be called upon to speak in classes or other settings.
  • I understand that there is a clothing standard for Jubilee and I agree to be regulated in the clothing I wear at Jubilee.

Dietary Requests

We are unable to meet dietary requests.


Please fill in the form below to register. Registration closes Lord’s Day 5 November. Registration is subject to the final approval of NZTC

Additional Event—Fellowship concerning the next generation work

The New Zealand Training Centre will host a one-day fellowship on Saturday 18 November (immediately before the Jubilee Week), where we will fellowship concerning the work with the next generation in New Zealand. This fellowship will be crucial for parents, full-timers, and all those who are burdened for and serve with the children, intermediate-age, high school-age or tertiary-age saints. This will be an excellent opportunity for us to all be blended and brought into the same vision and burden concerning this area of service.

All those attending Jubilee are most welcome and encouraged to travel to Hamilton earlier in order to join this fellowship. Accommodation and meals will be provided. If joining this fellowship, we recommend you plan your arrival into Hamilton Friday 17 November. You will be able to register for this fellowship at the same time you register for Jubilee. There will be no cost to attend this event if you are attending the Jubilee week.  More information is available here https://nztc.ac.nz/nsot/


Further Information

For further information concerning Jubilee, please send an email to register@nztc.ac.nz

Jubilee Information

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