Highschoolers’ Training 2021

Update: Friday 24 September
Due to Alert Level restrictions, we are unable to accept any registrations from Auckland. We are very sorry about this.
Please contact the serving ones in Auckland for any alternative arrangements that are being made for the highschoolers during the dates of the Highschoolers Training.

Come and join the highschoolers’ around New Zealand for a week of learning and training to enjoy Christ! (See HST Promo Poster)


Monday 11 October 6 p.m.  to  Friday 15 October 1:30 p.m.


New Zealand Training Centre, 33 Beale Street, Hamilton

What to bring

Towel, sleeping bag, pillow and a hard copy of the Recovery Version New Testament with footnotes.
Do not bring: Mobile phones, digital equipment, playing cards, chewing gum, secular music, or secular books.

General Guidelines  & Expectations

The following expectations and guidelines will help foster a positive and enjoyable environment which will enable both you and other highschoolers to gain the greatest benefit from this week.

We ask that you please…

• Come prepared to participate in all the meetings and activities of the training.
• Dress appropriately. For the meetings; modest/non-revealing tops and long pants/skirts/dresses. Please check with a serving one if you are unsure about this.
• Stay within the boundaries of the NZTC unless you are permitted to leave by a serving one or are going out to an activity.
• Treat all the serving ones and other participants with courtesy and respect at all times.
• Sleep only in the room assigned to you.
• Go to bed at the appointed time and rise at the appointed time.
• Speak positively and have a positive attitude.
• Hand in any devices, laptops, tablets, phones etc. upon arrival. These will be held in a secure location for the duration of the camp and given back on the last day after pack up. (This does not include basic watches and cameras).
• Listen to and read only material related to the content and themes of the camp.
• Remember, this is a chewing gum free/smoke free/vape free/alcohol free environment.


$120 regardless if you attend full time or part time and whether you stay on site or off site (servings ones).  Payment can be made with a credit/debit card at the time of registration, or via bank transfer at a later date. Regardless of which way you choose to pay, we do require that payment is made before the training begins.


Please click on the link below to register. We have extended the registration due date to Thursday 30 September 2021.

Click here to register