To ensure that trainees get as much benefit as possible from their time at the Training, there is a full daily schedule at the Training during weekdays. This begins with a time for personal morning revival followed by corporate morning revival. After this, there are classes each morning. In the afternoon, there is time for study or gospel service, and rest and exercise. On evenings not reserved for study, trainees attend various meetings.

Trainees also participate in practical service, which involves such things as serving meals, cleaning, arranging chairs, and gardening. Through this trainees learn to coordinate with others while doing necessary tasks.


The majority of the time in the Full-time Training is devoted to receiving, studying, and ministering the truth that is contained in the Bible and expounded through the ministries of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. These brothers taught according to the pure word of the Bible, building upon centuries of recovered truths to fully unveil God’s eternal purpose and economy. The Training is privileged to speak these things, teach these things, and minister these things until the Body of Christ is built up and the bride is prepared for our Lord’s satisfaction and desire.


Many ministry books are used in the Training. You may like to use physical copies (available for purchase) or digital copies on a laptop or tablet. (Mobile phones are not permitted during class or study times.)

See the Book List for 2023 


First year trainees are enrolled in the Certificate of Biblical Studies (which leads to the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry (Level 4) Christian Studies Strand (NZQA qualification reference 2772)).

Second year trainees are enrolled in the Diploma of Biblical Studies (which leads to the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies (Level 5) Theological Studies Strand (NZQA qualification reference 2793)).

Information about these qualifications can be found on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website

Other information

Publicly available information about the New Zealand Training Centre, including external quality assurance reports, can be found on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website