Jubilee Week

19 - 25 November 2023

Every Christian needs training. The Full-time Training provides a special opportunity to be trained to enjoy Christ, grow in His life, and serve Him to build up the church as His Body. Jubilee week is one week at the end of November where students can join the Full-time Training to experience a taste of being a trainee. It is a wonderful time for blending and enjoyment between young people, trainees, and full-timers from both New Zealand and Australia.

During Jubilee week, students will join the trainees’ regular schedule of classes and activities as well as having special activities and meetings. If you are a seeking Christian and desire to be trained by the Lord, Jubilee week will be very profitable for you.

For more information about Jubilee, please check our events page closer to the dates of Jubilee

We look forward to seeing you at the New Zealand Training Centre!

Group photo November 2022

"Helped me have regular personal time with the Lord, and to open up more to Him in prayer"

"The Jubilee week schedule was very helpful in my Christian life, it showed me the benefits of having a schedule and how to keep to the schedule"

"I have learn how to apply the reality of the Jubilee to my daily life and keep enjoying and growing in my Christian and church life..."

"The jubilee helped me in practicing healthy habits for a normal Christian life and allowed me to immerse in much truth from the Word of God. "

Testimonies from Jubilee, November 2022

"It brought me back to the enjoyment of God and gave me a fresh realisation/appreciation of the importance of having companions".

"I was so exercised in my spirit and also so released during the jubilee week. Really strengthened my spirit".

"This week built me up with some healthy habits (waking up early, personal morning revival, corporate morning revival) and I treasure the church life much more. Really appreciate my time here".

"It helped me to be recovered back to Christ from the world and fully enjoy Him".

"Refreshed my inner being and recalibrated me in many ways. This year had subconsciously weighed me down in all sorts of bondages. But the Jubilee week reminded me that I have the reality of the Jubilee in me! This realisation became my rest and joy this week. Praise the Lord!"

Testimonies from Jubilee, November 2020

"It was a great help to release my spirit and exercise to call upon the Lord's name".

"Jubilee helped me in living a fulfilling week by experiencing the normal Christian life. I found that managing my time to pursue spiritual things isn't that hard after all! ".

" I've realised how much I need the saints as I really experienced how their enjoyment of the Jubilee Jesus reached me and brought me back into the Jubilee too! It's really wonderful that I can be brought to the Jubilee, I can be completely freed in my spirit! Hallelujah!".

Testimonies from Jubilee, November 2019