What kinds of people participate in the Full-time Training?

“So then it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God who shows mercy”—Romans 9:16.

Trainees come from various walks of life and from diverse nationalities, backgrounds, and ages. Many enter immediately upon graduating from university, but a good number have completed additional education or have worked. There is no “model” trainee. As long as you have an open heart to learn together with others and to seek after God, you will find yourself at home here.

Where do trainees live?

The living arrangements are warm and comfortable and provide an excellent environment to build life-long relationships with other trainees. Most trainees will live in the dorm rooms at the Training Centre. Others live in houses close by to the Training Centre.

How are classes structured? Are there exams?

“But you, continue in the things which you have learned and have been assured of, knowing from which ones you have learned them”—2 Timothy 3:14.

Classes include both lectures from various trainers, and opportunities for trainees to share their enjoyment from class material.

Most classes have either oral or written examinations, with exams being conducted at the end of the semester. In oral exams, trainees are usually asked to speak concerning some point of biblical truth, incorporating what they have enjoyed from the Word and the ministry. Written exams adopt the same principle, emphasizing truths in the Bible with personal experience. Questions are based primarily on assigned reading material, highlighting important points and principles.

How much free time do trainees have?

Trainees have a time each day for rest and exercise and a recess from the Training on Friday night and Saturday.

Is there enough time to work during the Training?

To honour the trainees’ consecration, the Training schedule does not practically accommodate outside employment. However, trainees are encouraged to fellowship with the Training for special circumstances.

What practical services are trainees asked to do?

Trainees are assigned weekly scheduled services covering the areas of meal cleanup, cleaning, vacuuming and security. The services assigned vary from week to week and give each trainee the opportunity to blend with other trainees and to serve in a range of practical areas. Additionally, trainees may be placed on designated services such as ground maintenance, transportation, technical support, chair arranging and audio/visual support.

What is the pre-training?

Pre-training week occupies the first seven days of each term, introducing the trainees to the schedule and establishing an uplifted and exercised atmosphere. As a vital time for the trainees to enter into the spirit of the Training, the week contains introductory classes from various trainers. New trainees begin with orientation and acquaint themselves with the Training Centre, fellow trainees, and Training staff.