Lower South Island Propagation

12 May 2023

Dear saints,

As you may recall from our letter dated 15 July 2022, there was a propagation work in the lower South Island in June 2022. One hundred and ten saints from around New Zealand, including trainees, young working saints, local saints, and families with young children joined that propagation which focused on Dunedin, Invercargill and some surrounding towns, and Queenstown.

Through fellowship, there was a feeling to continue this propagation work this year, placing more emphasis on Queenstown.

There will be a group of about 40 saints, again consisting of trainees, young working saints, local saints, and families with young children that will labour in Queenstown during the dates 16-23 June 2023. Following this propagation, there will be the National Young Peoples’ Camp which will also will be held in Queenstown on the dates 23-26 June 2023.

So you can see what the Lord has been doing in the lower South Island over the last 10 months, we have attached reports from the brothers in Invercargill and Queenstown (please click on the file at the bottom of this page for these reports).

Please remember this time of propagation in Queenstown in your prayers. Please pray 1) that there will be a sweet harmonious coordination among all the saints participating, 2) that the saints participating would be strengthened and empowered to speak the gospel, and 3) for the release of the sons of peace and that these ones could be added to the church life for the Lord’s testimony and glory.

If any saints are burdened to give for this time, offerings can be made into the following bank account. Any offerings made for this purpose are tax deductible. All offerings received will be used for this propagation work or further propagation needs in the lower South Island.

New Zealand Training Centre Trust Board
Westpac – 03-1556-0024723-005
Please use “Propagation” as the reference

May the Lord richly bless this propagation for His move in Queenstown and other areas of the lower South Island.

Much grace,

Serving Brothers
New Zealand Training Centre

Update on Further Propagation Work in the Lower South Island.pdf