Blending Conference – August 2022

We are very pleased to announce that brother Ed Marks will join us via Zoom for a Blending Conference on the weekend of 13-14 August 2022. Earlier this year, brother Ed was scheduled to give a conference for us. Due to sickness, he was not able to join. He is now available and he has contacted us to say how burdened he is for this conference and would like to cover some outlines on the general subject “The Heavenly Vision of God’s Eternal Economy—The Controlling Vision of Our Life and Work for the Organic Building up of the Body of Christ”

This conference will consist of messages in the mornings and afternoons. Translation into the Chinese and Korean languages will be provided.

This conference will be conducted in both a physical format and an online format.

Physical Format

The physical conference meetings will be held in Hamilton at the New Zealand Training Centre.

If you require hospitality, you may request this on the registration form.

Due to the spread of Covid-19, saints who have cold or flu symptoms should not travel to Hamilton. Saints who develop such symptoms during the weekend will need to refrain from attending any further physical aspect of the conference. They also may need to depart from their hospitality. For these reasons, we strongly encourage saints who purchase air tickets to purchase tickets that allow flexibility of dates and time of travel.

There will not be any children’s meeting during any of the conference sessions, including the Lord’s Day morning. Parents who need to look after their children can watch the messages at home by Zoom.

Online Format

The conference will also be broadcasted online via the Zoom platform. The online conference will be a video feed of the physical gatherings held at the New Zealand Training Centre.

Conference Schedule

You can use this website to convert the above times to your local time zone.


To help facilitate the smooth running of this conference, registration will be required, regardless of whether you will attend physically or join online. Registrations will close on Lord’s Day 7 August. This gives us time to prepare for the conference, print outlines, arrange hospitality, etc.

There is no donation to attend this conference.

Please fil in the form below to register.

We pray that the Lord will pour out His blessing on the saints and the churches during this conference.

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