2021 National Conference Pledges

Lord’s Move Overseas (LMO)
For the distribution of Bibles and training in South Pacific Islands and South East Asia countries.
Email: lmoveoverseas@gmail.com

Lord’s Move in New Zealand (LMNZ)
Literature for the South Pacific.
Email: lmovenz@gmail.com

Scholarships for FTTH (SCH FTTH)
To support young people from the South Pacific Islands to come to Full-time Training in Hamilton for two years.
Email: nztc@nztc.ac.nz

Bibles for New Zealand (BfNZ)
For the purchase of the Recovery Version of the New Testament and other ministry books to be freely distributed within New Zealand
Email: info@bfnz.org.nz

How to fulfill your pledge
Please use one of the following two ways to fulfill your pledge from Australia. If you are offering to more then one, please make a separate payment for each. For each payment, please use the short codes above so we can correctly designated your offering.

For example – If you would like to offer $100 to Bibles for New Zealand and  $200 to Lord’s Move Overseas:

  • Make a payment of $100 and use BfNZ as the reference
  • Then make a separate payment of $200 using LMO as the reference.

If you would like a receipt for your donation, please email the relevant email addresses above.


Bank Deposit

You can make your offering into the following Australian bank account:
Account Name: New Zealand Training Centre Trust Board
Account number: 912823057
BSB Code: 802-985
Address: Wise (formerly Transferwise), 36-38 Gipps Street, Collingwood, VIC, 3066, Australia
Remember to include the short code (LMO, LMNZ, BfNZ, SCH FTTH) so we can correctly designate your offering.

Credit Card

You can make your offering by clicking on the “Visa / MasterCard”  button below. (2.25% surcharge applies). Please note, we only accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
In the “donation description” field, please include the short code (LMO, LMNZ, BfNZ, SCH FTTH) so we can correctly designate your offering.