Neighbourhood Children’s Meetings

In 2014, the New Zealand Training Centre (NZTC) began to reach out to the community. The Neighbourhood Children's meetings (NCMs) are gatherings in the homes of children and their parents in the community, which aim to reinforce within children positive traits such as honesty, kindness and obedience so they can grow to be responsible adults in society.

The NZTC sends students to visit homes weekly and run NCMs that take about 30-45 minutes. Each session is designed to inspire and encourage the children through activities such as singing, interactive story telling, and craft.

Our goals:

  • To help the children to be proper in their character, habits, and behaviour, and become responsible adults and citizens.
  • To encourage the children to be good students in school, and to gain the proper education for their future, in order to be useful, productive members of society.
  • To teach the children about God as the Creator and the Bible as the Word of God.



The NCMs are mainly for primary school children (Years 1 to 6) and intermediate school children (Years 7 to 8). However, where appropriate, pre-schoolers may also participate. Friends or neighbours are also welcome to join.


Weekly. Usually between 3:30 - 5:45 on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon.


We hold NCMs in the homes of the children, where parents and caregivers can observe and participate in the meetings.


Each session may include:

  1. Singing - lively action songs.
  2. Story - each week a story is told in an interesting way using illustrations, role-playing, etc.
  3. Character Point - an aspect of character or behaviour is emphasised in each story.
  4. Memory Verse - a Bible verse is given for memorising.
  5. Craft - the children are often given colouring, crafts, or worksheets to complete.