Myanmar Offerings

UPDATE: We are very pleased that the offerings we have received to date are sufficient to fully take care of these families! If saints are still burdened to give, any money offered will be used for the Lord’s work in Myanmar. A further update regarding these families will be provided on this website soon.

Dear saints,

As mentioned in the New Zealand National Conference, there is an urgent need for an offering to the
saints in Myanmar.

A total of 57 saints, composed of 11 families, took ground of the church in their village and have been
meeting for about 2 1⁄2 years. This has caused them to be persecuted by other Christian groups in that
same village and as a result, they have all been ordered to leave their village by 15 April 2021,
otherwise their houses will be burnt down. This means that these saints will lose their houses, land and
their means to make a living. The recent coup has resulted in much lawlessness, which has emboldened
these groups in their opposition to the Lord’s recovery, and has meant there is little security for the
saints in this area.

There is a church in one other village in the state where these saints live (about 100 km away) and
these saints will migrate to that village. There is some land in this village that can be purchased that
will be able to accommodate these dear saints. Offerings made to Myanmar for this need will be used
for the purchase of this land, the building of houses, and to help them in their transition to establish a
new means of making a living.

Offerings made within New Zealand
Offerings can be made into the following New Zealand bank account:
Account Name: New Zealand Training Centre
Account Number: 03-1556-0024723-05
Please use “MYS” as the reference

Offerings made within Australia
Offerings can be made into the following Australian bank account:
Account Name: New Zealand Training Centre Trust Board
Account number: 912823057
BSB Code: 802-985
Address: Wise (formerly Transferwise), 36-38 Gipps Street, Collingwood, VIC, 3066, Australia
Please use “MYS” as the reference

Offerings made within United States of America
Please use one of the following three ways to make your offering:
Bank / Wire Transfer
Offerings can be made into the following American bank account:
Account holder: New Zealand Training Centre Trust Board
ACH routing number: 026073150
Wire routing number: 026073008
Account number: 8310623632
Account type: Checking
Address: Wise (formerly Transferwise), 19 W 24th Street, New York NY, 10010, United States
Please use “MYS” as the reference
Email address: If your bank requires an email address, please use

Zelle Payments
For Zelle, please use the email address or the phone number +1 714 728 7504
Please use “MYS” as the reference

Credit Card
Please click the logo below to make your offering with a Visa or MasterCard credit card. Please note that a credit card surcharge will apply. Please use “MYS” as the donation description.

We will transfer the offerings to Myanmar on Monday 12 April in order for the funds to reach the saints in time for the purchase of the land, but we will also make subsequent transfers after this date to meet the need for the building of the houses and to care for the saints’ livelihood.

A short video concerning this need and also an update on the Lord’s move in Myanmar can be viewed below.