Jubilee Week 2021

Dear coordinators,

Please use this form to register the young people from your locality for Jubilee Week 2021.

Please be reminded of the guidelines for Jubilee applicants (as per our Coordinator’s Responsibilities sheet):

  • Please only recommend those students and young working saints who will benefit from the Jubilee week.
  • Ensure that the students and young working saints you recommend are familiar with the exercise of the spirit and will not be overwhelmed by a spiritual atmosphere. The more participation in the church life the students have had, the more benefit they will get from the jubilee.

Therefore, before recommending a student to come to the Jubilee week, please consider the following matters:

  • Their participation in the church life
  • Their willingness to participate in activities such as gospel and practical service
  • Their familiarity with the life practices such as calling on the Lord and pray-reading
  • Their human maturity and stability

Thank you saints for your understanding and cooperation.

New Zealand Training Centre

Click here to register ones for Jubilee