Highschoolers’ Training 2019

Come and join the highschoolers’ around New Zealand for a week of learning and training to enjoy Christ! (See HST Promo Poster)

When: Monday 7 to Friday 11 October 2019
Where: New Zealand Training Centre, 33 Beale Street, Hamilton
Cost: $120 per person. Payment can be made by bank transfer as follows:

Account Name: New Zealand Training Centre Trust Board
Bank Account Number: 03/1556/0024723/02
Reference: Name

To bring:
Towel, sleeping bag, pillow and a hard copy of the Recovery Version New Testament with footnotes.
Do not bring: Mobile phones, digital equipment, playing cards, chewing gum, secular music, or secular books.

In order to maintain a high standard that will be conducive to pursuing the Lord, we ask that all highschoolers attending the training comply with the clothing standards (see clothing regulations) and leave all digital and electronic equipment at home (such as mobile phones, music players, tablets, laptops, etc.). All training meetings and activities are compulsory and anyone who chooses not to adhere to these conditions and standards will be sent home.

Register here 
(Registration is due 22 September 2019)