" Thank you brothers for all your faithful labor toward us. I'm truly thankful to the Lord to have been in all of your classes especially being in the training in this unprecedented time. All that I have gained, day by day, here a little there a little, from all the classes will surely take me eternity to know all its worth. Hallelujah! To Him be the glory in the church and in Christ unto all the generations forever and ever. Amen."

2021A Trainee


" Personally, I realised that my going on with the Lord, endeavoring to grow in the divine life is not an individual matter but it is for the building up of the Body of Christ. Initially, as a Christian, I was very much individualistic, but Hallelujah, now by the Lord’s mercy, I’m, learning to deny the self, take the way of the cross by the Spirit for the Body. My Christian pursuit was revolutionized when I saw that Christ is the Head of His Body and He is after, not perfect individual Christians but His built-up Body. As the Head through the members Christ has revealed this to me and has inspired me to give myself, to live my Christian life in the church life for His building, His Body. Amen!"

2020B Trainee


" I speak by faith that by His mercy and grace, the Lord has achieved something in me this semester. After all the exposing, deep convictions and failures, I'm beginning to really lose confidence in myself. The apostle Paul was true when he said, "in me nothing good dwells". That's how I feel about myself, but on the other hand, the Lord is drawing me to continually live with Him in spirit.
My personal time with Him in the mornings has improved very much this semester. Praise the Lord!
I treasure Colossians 1:27, "Christ in me the hope of glory". The Lord is truly sovereign and I worship Him for His sovereign mercy. Amen!
In a corporate sense, during and after the lock-down, I've come to appreciate the church meetings in a fresh and new way. In the corporate meetings I'm revived, supplied and strengthened by the portion of each saint whether young or old. Participating in the service of the church for the highschoolers with other serving ones has been a great learning curve for me this semester. I can't and only the Lord can and He needs my cooperation".

2020A Trainee


" I really appreciate the arrangements that were made during the lockdown. With much consideration of everyone and the country's situation, we were still running with our classes. Keeping everyone in the fellowship. Thank the Lord for the supply and protection of the Body".

2020A Trainee


" Just like to say thank you. I feel like even though I've been a troublesome trainee, you only ever treated me with grace. I will always treasure my training. Thank you for the many prayers and your service. I think your grace and prayers are what got me through. I was so weak but during these two years the Lord has become a real rock. The church life is finally beginning to feel like home. I'm absolutely an advocate for the training and wish every young person could come here. When I see you, I feel safe giving my life to the Lord knowing that it will be a life of precious memories and ultimate enjoyment. I can't convey my gratitude enough. Thank you".

2020A Trainee