Offerings for the Urgent Need in Fiji

7 July 2021

Dear saints,

In fellowship with the brothers in Fiji we have become acutely aware of the financial need of the saints in Fiji due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Last week the church in Suva sent a letter of fellowship regarding the situation in Fiji. Yesterday, we received an updated letter from the church in Suva regarding this need, and we include this letter below:

06 July 2021

Dear Brothers,

Greetings to you and grace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. This a letter in support of the previous letter that was sent out earlier in regards to the situation among the churches in Fiji.
As of today, 3 more families of the saints have gone into a two-week isolation as they have been identified as primary contacts of a positive case. The saints are doing well and no severe cases and symptoms have been reported by any of them. It seems that the situation is taking its toll on the health system as the virus continue to spread rampantly where people now are only required to be admitted if it is a severe case due to the lack of facilities in the hospitals. Today was a record high of 636 cases reported within the 24hr update period. There is no sign of the spread slowing down and based on the Ministry of Health predictions there are more cases expected in the coming weeks.
So far, we are into the 4th month of lockdown and isolation between containment areas and this has become more challenging for us. As mentioned briefly in our report earlier, all of the saints have been affected one way or another from the current situation. In particular, some saints have lost their jobs since the beginning of the lockdown last year and some from the second wave that hit us in April of this year. Due to the restrictions in place and the continual interruption of work places closed off for decontamination, some saints have also experienced the reduction in working hours while other saints in certain businesses have also been affected.

The brothers in Suva have been in contact with all the saints in the three localities and are well aware of the common difficulties we currently face. Some of these families are living in leased apartments and housing areas while others are saints are under mortgage repayments. The living situation is that most of them are sole bread winners in their family and we realize the hardship and stress they are going through and the anxiety of the unknown as the situation continues to evolve. We are looking at a span of another three to six months before we are able to contain the spread of the virus and bring some form of normality to the whole situation.

The brothers can testify that despite all these the saints are in one accord and are continuing steadfastly in the fellowship. We hope that you would bring this fellowship before the Lord and the members of His Body to pray and petition on behalf of all the saints for the Lord to flow over any hindrances and frustration and that He will still gain what He desires!

Your Brothers
The Elders in the Church in Suva

In Galatians 2:9-10 Paul says, “And perceiving the grace given to me, James and Cephas and John … requested that we remember the poor, which very thing I was also eager to do.”

After the first letter concerning this situation was circulated among the saints, a number of saints have inquired how to make an offering for the need. The New Zealand Training Centre has set up a dedicated account for offerings to Fiji which enables us to transfer funds received to Fiji immediately. This need could easily continue for the rest of this year and this account will be open for continual offerings as saints are burdened. Since these funds are being sent overseas, saints will not be able to receive a tax credit for offering to this account.
Offerings can be made into the following New Zealand bank account:

Account Name: New Zealand Training Centre
Account Number: 04 / 2021 / 0072010 / 93
Please use “Fiji” as the reference
Please note this is a different account from the usual NZTC bank account.
If you have difficulties transferring to the above account, please contact

Any offerings received will be distributed to the affected saints by the brothers in Suva according to the saints’ needs. The brothers in Suva have told us that forty households have been significantly affected and saints have either lost their jobs or had reduced hours and they will require weekly support until things get back to normal; sixteen other households have also been affected, but less severely and will require less support. No financial support has been given to any of the affected saints yet.

May the Lord release the supply to meet this need in the Body.

Much grace,
NZTC Staff

Update 27 July: Please click here for a letter of appreciation from the brothers in Fiji