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It is by the mercy of God and through the work of the Holy Spirit that you could consecrate yourself to be a full-time trainee, choosing to give all your time to the pursuit of the truth and the service of the church. This is a serious decision. At the same time it is a most glorious choice.

To register as a full-time trainee:

  1. Thoroughly review the information in the Future Trainees section.
  2. Download the PDF Full-Time Application Form. Print and fill out the form and have the elders sign it before mailing it in.
  3. Then mail completed form to NZTC.
  4. International applicants should read the information in the International student section.
  5. Korean applicants should apply 2 months before the semester begins.

If you are looking to apply Short-Term, please see Short-Term

Contact Us

email: Full-Time Training Hamilton Office

Phone: (07) 839 - 1196

Fax: (07) 834 - 2470

FTTH Dates 2018

Semester 1 
5 Feb - 13 Jul

Semester 2 
23 Jul - 21 Dec

Full-Time Training Hamilton